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Poetry Anthology

Table of Contents
Poem by Another Author and Critique
Free Verse


The Glass Slippers

They're shinny and pretty with a rose on top,

with a heel not to tall, and they are just my size.

I'll treasure them for always,

letting people see them only through a glass window.

Fore I got these on my birthday, my forth birthday from my dad,

two days before he died.

We were in an accident, and I knew that this would be the thing to remember him by,

the last gift I was given from him.

they were his mothers and because she had no daughters,

only him, she hipped he would have a daughter to pass them on to.

Now I have them, and I'm 21 years older.

I have a daughter of my own and it is her forth birthday.

Today I will give them to her,

for her to give to her daughter.


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